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Flat and round carving machine

The main configurations are as follows:

1. Taiwan linear square guideway effectively ensures the accuracy and stability of mechanical operation.

2, the bed is a thickened steel pipe structure, the bearing force can reach more than one ton, durable and undeformed.

3, full dustproof structure, effectively protect dust or moisture erosion guideway and screw, improve the life of machine tools.

4. High-power 5.5kw water-cooled main shaft, with the inlet bearing configuration, the main shaft noise is low, the power is large, and the service life is long.

5, Weihong control, computer independent cabinet, beautiful and generous, convenient operation.

6, rack drive, high precision, long life.

7, equipped with sink, two-way cooling tool, effectively improve the service life of the tool.

8, the software is compatible, can be compatible with Type3/Artcam/Castmate/Wen Tai and other CAD/CAM design software.

9, the built-in axis of rotation can carry out large 400*2000mm cylindrical carving.

Performance parameters:

Performance indexmodel 1325
Strokex stroke1300mm
Y stroke:2500mm
Structure table structurealuminum profile
X, y, Z structurex.y. rack Z lead screw
Mainshaft power5.5kw
Spindle speed: 0-24000rpm
Operation mode high speed step / servo
Working voltage:AC380V / 50Hz
Run instructionG code G code

Operation systemWeihong control

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