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Multifunctional table processing center

Performance characteristics:

This machine has the functions of digging basin hole, cutting straight edge and irregular Roman edge and polishing them. A hole digging machine head with high-power edge grinding motor can easily solve the problems of hand shaking cutting and hole digging, and uneven quality of processed products. It also expands the functions of special-shaped processing such as lettering, relief, hollowing, chamfering, line carving, etc. The machine performance is stable, the special quartz stone cutting system, directly modify the number can automatically generate the processing path, without the foundation can also quickly start to operate. The machine is environmentally safe and cost-effective. On the basis of this function, a saw blade head is added separately, which greatly improves the cutting speed and efficiency. The saw blade can be adjusted by 0-90 degrees, suitable for 45 degrees of undercutting, and can turn 90 degrees left and right, and the longitudinal cutting is completed horizontally.

Technical parameters:


CXSC3015Table processing center

Working area


Lathe bed

Seamless welding of thick wall square steel


320mm wide (cast iron)



Side panel

Steel side plate (carbon steel)


Vacuum sucker

principal axis

5.5kW water-cooled spindle / 5.5kw/bt40 edging motor

Spindle connection mode

Integrated electric spindle


Taiwan 25 / 30 square rail, Xinyue 1.25m rack

Blade Diameter



70nc quartz cutting system

Electric machinery

Servo motor 1.3kw/z axis 1.3KW + brake


Servo drive / reducer

Carving instruction


Material fixation mode

Vacuum sucker

Vacuum pump

5.5kW water circulation vacuum pump


Vertical cabinet

Spindle speed

0-24000 (RPM)

Power Supply



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