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EPC engraving machine

Performance characteristics:


◆ adopt high-power electric spindle and servo motor for driving system.

◆ intelligent protection of worktable: prevent table damage caused by misoperation or software error. Intelligent processing cross-border protection to prevent the mechanical collision caused by the design layout exceeding the processing width.

◆ intelligent control system, automatic completion of multi-level 3D processing. Capable of fast and smooth carving or cutting. Offline operation can be realized.

◆ Taiwan linear guide rail, self-lubricating slider. When carving, the forces in all directions are equal, ensuring the mechanical accuracy and strength.

Performance parameters:


X, y, Z stroke



Mesa structure

Aluminum profile + rubber plate / I-steel table top + rubber plate

X, y, Z structure

X, Y axis high precision rack, Z axis Taiwan precision lead screw


Air speed


Working speed


principal axis

Spindle power

Water cooling 4.5-7.5kw/air cooling 6-9kw

Maximum spindle speed

Electric spindle 12000-18000r / min

Inner taper hole of main shaft

Maximum clamping tool diameter ¢ 32mm

Distance from nose end of main shaft to workbench



Leisai / yashuan servo

Leisai / yashuan servo

working voltage



Operation instructions

G code, f / s command compatible

G code, f / s command compatible

operating system

Taiwan new generation / Shanghai Weihong

Taiwan new generation / Shanghai Weihong


2-5 tons

2-5 tons

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