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Vertical jade carving machine

Performance characteristics:

3.2.KW/1.5KW jade stone special water-cooled spindle, cutting strength, stable processing, low noise, low heating. Processing decibels float up and down according to the hardness of the engraving material, the processing speed and the depth of the lower knife.

2 three-dimensional jade engraving machine adopts four-axis control handle, flexible point positioning, easy to learn and use key operation, at the same time, to ensure the accuracy of the equipment, high performance-price ratio. The plane jade engraving machine adopts Weihong control system, which is resistant to strong electromagnetic interference, stable and reliable, and has the function of power outage protection. The control system of the two machines has the function of breaking point and power supply, automatically saving the processing origin, and the next day the processing is still in good condition.

3 the company is equipped with Buddha statue Guanyin and other handheld drawing library, customers can choose their own sample to modify the size according to their preferences, manufacturers free training machine to use, can personalized custom products for customers (only cost fees).

4 the two machine software compatibility is good, compatible with TYPE3,Artcam, fine carving JD, Wentai carving, UG,MasterCAM,PowerMill and other CAD/CAM design and production software.

5 the important electrical components in the control cabinet are famous brands, strong impact resistance, anti-interference, strong moisture resistance and stability, to ensure the equipment long time stable processing operation. Three-axis full dust-proof structure, effective protection against dust or moisture erosion guideway and screw, improve the life of machine tools. Equipped with sink, two-way cooling tool, effectively improve the service life of the tool.

Series (heavy)



Working range (mm)

spindle stroke (x / Y / z)

300x400x150 customized processing format

Bed structure

steel structure


 thickened stainless steel sink

Maximum working speed:


Machining accuracy:


Repeated positioning accuracy:


Working voltage:

AC 220V/50H

Spindle power:


Spindle speed:


Control system:

 four axis A18 handle

Working mode:

Yaskawa servo

Yaskawa servo

three axis lead screw

Guide rail

 taiwan TBI

Run instruction

G code


Sample Display

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